RFID Water Park Management System

Business Benefits

  • 90% decrease in resort deactivate cause  by system failure
  • Effective access control and compliance  with public security regulations
  • 30% increase in income by securing access and eliminating fraud
  • 20% decrease of attendance service  duration
  • Decrease in costs of trainee and daily usage costs
  Neubloc was tasked with creating a new resort management system for a large water park in Europe. The existing system utilized a simple alphanumeric terminal for customer access to the resort. The system was not efficient and did not allow the resort to properly manage access to the water park. The project required that we develop a solution to easily identify resort memberships as well as daily single-visit customers to improve security. The system had to manage levels of access to ensure only customers got what they paid for. In addition, we needed to simplify overall maintenance operations.

System Features

  • Fully automated customer registration, access card management, customer flow control
  • Ticket fraud control and fast customer service at the entrance
  • Customer payments for the time of resort services and equipment effective usage
  • Flexible pricing policy depending on services, day of the week, part of the day, special offers etc.
  • Complete registration of all events in the system
  • Many different type of reports
  • Simple user interface for employees and customers
  • Automatic system backup
  • Chip cards for resort services and equipment usage combined with other services: car parking area, bar and restaurant, etc.

Technologies Used

  • Application Server – Suse Linux Server, Postgre SQL database
  • C, C++, Perl, Assembler PIC, ARM8
  • Access terminals based on NC technology
  • Microcontroller’s devices including specialized microchip card readers, RFID readers, access gates control

Case Studies

Tachyon Networks Print and Website Design Collateral Program

Corporate Communications/Websites

Neubloc teamed with Tachyon Network to develop professional services for their satellite network products, including collateral print and web design. Neubloc tailored the services to their specific audience: government agency employees, corporate “c-lecvel” managers and field operations managers.


RFID Water Park Management System

Mobile & Wireless

Neubloc redesigned the resort management system for a large water park in Europe with enhanced system features such as a fully automated customer registration, ticket fraud control, all with a user-friendly user interface.


SMART – A Web and Mobile Device Video Conference Management and Room Reservation System

Enterprise Software/SaaS

Neubloc provided turnkey product development services for the revolutionary web and mobile enterprise application: SMART. Like a shared planner, SMART enables users to reserve and schedule conference rooms across multiple facilities. Additionally, detailed reports on which assets are being used and how often provide more administrative control.


Touch Screen User Interface for Pollution Instrumentation


Carbon monoxide is a toxic byproduct of some processes that reduce oxygen delivery in organisms at high levels. Neubloc’s touch screen prototype to monitor and manage carbon monoxide output generated by smokestacks is easy to use, with rich GUI and a 7” VGA resolution panel. This interface identifies problems quickly with a simple click, generating detailed error messages and histograms.