Tachyon Networks Print and Website Design Collateral Program

Project Summary

Project Goal

  • Reposition the company with collateral  and website design and development
  • Optimize site for SEO implementation and  marketing campaign management

Skills and Resources Required

  • Print collateral design
  • Website design and development
  • CMS implementation

Tachyon Networks decided to reposition their satellite network products company due to the increasing success providing a strategic comprehensive solution offering, combining professional services with their products. Neubloc was engaged to provide a variety of services including collateral print design (stationery, case studies, datasheets, etc.) and website design and development utilizing a CMS to effectively manage their SEO/keyword efforts.

The website architecture and content design reflected Tachyon’s new positioning. The primary user audiences — government agency employees, corporate “c-level” managers, and field operations managers — are provided very unique website areas  and content. Government and field ops manager users are driven down a specific solution path with supporting solution content leading to a call to action. Corporate C-level users are provided high-level qualification content to ensure stability and confidence. In addition, datasheet and spec details are provided to users that need a specific network product only. All print collateral efforts were designed to support their website marketing and current corporate identity standards.

Neubloc's creative direction leveraged the existing corporate identity standards, broadened the color palette and utilized black and white editorial photography of remote and mobile environments—where their networks are deployed—to reinforce Tachyon's new positioning. The website provided a solutions-based architecture and content, providing access to PDF downloads, crossing linking to products and services, and custom tailoring the comprehensive offering to each specific solution type. Our team ensured the website was highly optimized for SEO and a CMS system to more effectively manage both content and their SEO campaign efforts over time.

Case Studies

Tachyon Networks Print and Website Design Collateral Program

Corporate Communications/Websites

Neubloc teamed with Tachyon Network to develop professional services for their satellite network products, including collateral print and web design. Neubloc tailored the services to their specific audience: government agency employees, corporate “c-lecvel” managers and field operations managers.


RFID Water Park Management System

Mobile & Wireless

Neubloc redesigned the resort management system for a large water park in Europe with enhanced system features such as a fully automated customer registration, ticket fraud control, all with a user-friendly user interface.


SMART – A Web and Mobile Device Video Conference Management and Room Reservation System

Enterprise Software/SaaS

Neubloc provided turnkey product development services for the revolutionary web and mobile enterprise application: SMART. Like a shared planner, SMART enables users to reserve and schedule conference rooms across multiple facilities. Additionally, detailed reports on which assets are being used and how often provide more administrative control.


Touch Screen User Interface for Pollution Instrumentation


Carbon monoxide is a toxic byproduct of some processes that reduce oxygen delivery in organisms at high levels. Neubloc’s touch screen prototype to monitor and manage carbon monoxide output generated by smokestacks is easy to use, with rich GUI and a 7” VGA resolution panel. This interface identifies problems quickly with a simple click, generating detailed error messages and histograms.